Before you hire a wedding videographer it is wise to ask the right questions to see how they will fit in with your wedding day and needs. Your wedding video is one video you are likely to be watching over and over again with your partner, and friends and family. Here, we have compiled a number of topics for you to discuss with your potential videographer so you can get the right information and be satisfied with your choice.


What is your style?

It is important to know how you would like your wedding day filmed. Would like a chronological sequence of events, or prefer an artistic or nostalgic take? Or perhaps you would like a dramatic style of film, with all the extras. Whichever you have in mind, be sure to communicate how you want your story told to your chosen videographer. It is also a good idea to see some samples of work, which every videographer should be happy to show you.

What is included in the package?

Find out from what hours and until when the videographer will be available, or let them know how long you might need them for. There are usually set packages available but most videographers will be happy to customise if necessary.

Formatting of the package

Find out how many copies of your DVD you will get, if it is in fact a DVD or digital copy. And define what kind of film your wedding day will be shot on and the quality and sharpness of this film. A videographer will be able to go through the options with you.

What about sound and lighting?

The sound coming through on the video needs to be recorded clearly and with minimal background noise. Ask your videographer how this will be handled. Will the groom need a small microphone attached? Or will the camera be fitted with microphones that are sensitive enough to get all the details?

When it comes to lighting, the videographer shouldn’t need to bring lots of bulky equipment with them to get the right effect. They might want to use some effects for the professional shots, but shouldn’t for the candid moments as most cameras are equip with very light sensitive technology that will be fine to shoot in any light.

What is the process on the day and after the day?

Chat to your wedding videographer about working with your photographer or wedding planner as they should be happy to do this. A good videographer will already have a team ready to suggest for you and this shows his or her experience in the industry.

A great videographer will also not be intrusive on the day and will usually barely notice them there.

Before your wedding, chat to your videographer about when you might expect to see your video after the day so that your expectations and their services are clearly set out to you.

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