Jessi & James tied the knot on October 2nd, in a romantic & relaxed celebration at Core Cider House

The happy couple said their vows amongst the beautiful blossoms of the orchard, followed by a fun-filled Reception with family and friends.

The couple chose an elegant navy, white & silver colour theme, and incorporated the traditional Scottish attire into the day, with 2 bridesmaids in navy chiffon, and 2 groomsmen sporting kilts. The young page boy & flower girl both added an adorable element to the celebration!

One of the highlights of the day was when James’ dad performed a very impressive skill; opening a chilled bottle of bubbly with a ceremonial sword, to the delighted gasps of the impressed crowd. The couple even had a Cake Sword, instead of a regular knife at their reception.

This can definitely be noted as one of the most unique & memorable weddings of 2015!

Here’s the Story of Jessi & James’ Wedding Journey…

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Tell us how you met:

James: She had the biggest smile in the entire world. It was interesting to know I was falling for a woman who couldn’t cook. When we first met, Jessi tried to cook a schnitzel for 45 minutes while inebriated.

Jessi: In all fairness, I had never cooked schnitzel before. Also, I totally can cook!

James: I found someone who was just weird enough, I could share my weirdness with her. She shared my love of writing and books. There really was no beginning with Jess, just felt like it always was.

Jessi: He was just my kind of trouble. We vacationed down in Busselton, and that’s how we met. I was designated driver on the way down, and we chatted non-stop from him getting in the car, to us getting out. He’s got a wicked sense of humour that was going over everyone else’s head, but I kept looking at him in the rear-view mirror, and he would smile at me. We were instant best friends from that moment on, and we were for over 8 months from the time we met. I think I asked him out on a ‘friend-date’ to see an outdoor movie on Valentine’s Day!

We had our first kiss that night, while we took a romantic stroll along the beach…which was rudely interrupted by an emergency flare going off in the night sky, which ended with the police arriving! We never found out what happened to whoever set it off, but we watched the helicopter sweep the beach with spotlights. (It was kind of cool, in a terribly scary kind of way).

James: I could really be myself around her, which I think made me fall in love, and for a reclusive, self-proclaimed geek, it’s a real rarity.

Jessi: He was the one I turned to if something went wrong. I have a tendency to be a little high-strung and James mellows me (most of the time anyway). He’s my anchor, not matter how clichéd that might sound.


Tell us about the Proposal:

James: Jessi had been away for weeks on end. She was working the harvest season and we’d had about two days together in 3 weeks. She’d called me on the Friday afternoon saying because there had been rain, she had two whole days off in the city. I decided to organise a picnic for us with sushi, chicken rolls and sparkling apple juice (responsible drinking in public!), and proposed to her. I’d asked her parents the weekend before, and they were excited for us, so I was pretty certain she’d say Yes…

She said no.

We’d had this ongoing joke about her saying no when I asked for various reasons, not helping with dishes or laundry or cleaning, or simply being an annoying boyfriend, but I never thought she’d go through with it, or remember. But she did. The longest two seconds of my life. She tackle-hugged me soon after and said yes multiple times.

Jessi: He looked like I’d kicked a puppy. It was meant to be a joke. I think I had a bit of bad timing! It was surreal, I knew James was going to ask, but I thought that it wouldn’t be until Christmas or New Year’s, or dates that we’d actually talked about! Because I had tackle-hugged him, it was awkward for him to get the ring out of his pocket, which is the memory I have most fondly of our engagement.

Inadvertently, I chose the ring. I’d found a picture of something similar on Pinterest, and James went online (of course, lest he visit a ring shop) and found my ring!

After I’d called my parents and family, I called the girl that would be my bridesmaid, and she screamed down the phone at me; so excited for us. Her reaction was just the best!

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Tell us about the lead up to the Big Day:

Jessi: James and I were apart from each other for the first month of our wedding planning, which meant that we didn’t get much done immediately. James got sick of ‘wedding talk’ pretty quick. It did allow me to do a lot of research before going to him for the final say.

I chose our wedding colours (dark blue and white/silver), James’ opinion on this was that they were also his High School colours!

Pinterest was a blessing and a curse. It was a real inspiration of things to do I would never of thought of (For example I did a Polaroid picture guest book and it really went down a treat with our friends), however, I do blame it for all my DIY good ideas, i.e. Flowers. So it originally wasn’t my idea to have paper flowers, it was my sisters, and I wholehearted blame her for every burn, cut or scape I endured during the paper folding process. Everyone else blames me. In the end, it was worth it, the venue looked amazing with the sprays of paper flowers on each table.

I often got overwhelmed by how much I had to do, but friends and family stepped up to I put together all the flowers myself, hand-crafting every bloom using paper, from the buttonholes to my bouquet!

From the very beginning we knew many of the people we wanted involved; Our celebrant, DJ, photographer, and venue were all people we knew quite well. In particular, our photographers were a godsend. Kate, Megan and Paige were absolutely brilliant. Between working with children (my niece and nephew who decided to be camera shy on the day) and our families, while also making James and I feel special. All three girls were little balls of energy that were so appreciated in a long day.


Tell us about the Big Day!

Jessi: The day basically went off without a hitch. I started mine at 7am, with two cups of tea as I finished making some small decorations. Then I sat painting my nails and talking with my grandma. It was nice way to start with just the two of us.

James: I had great time. The groomsmen and I played Mario Party in our shirts, shoes, socks and underwear. I only ate half my pancakes & bacon breakfast, due to the butterflies in my stomach. We got dressed in our kilts, swished around the room for a bit, then, by command of the Verge Girls, took 3 shots of whiskey (just to get the photo right, of course). We arrived at Core Cider House to the delight of many lunchtime patrons, to have our photo shoot.

Having photos before the ceremony was the best idea we ever had. It meant that by the time it came to the ceremony, we were both comfortable in our attire and the nerves had passed (almost). Jessi kicked off her shoes about 10 minutes into photos, on the premise that she didn’t want to hurt an ankle before the ceremony. Everything was just so easy with the Verge Girls taking photos.

By 4.30 that afternoon, Jessi and I were married.

Core Cider House put on a fantastic spread. Everyone mingled, and the food and drinks flowed. They even had a small plate of food put down in the garden for the wedding party which was a welcome sight. We had 10 minutes to ourselves, before entering the Reception to a crowd of family & friends, and immediately took to the dance floor.

Our first dance song was ‘Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop’ by Landon Pigg, and it was perfect. Nothing choreographed and just us. Jessi and her dad stole the show during the father-daughter/ mother-son dance that followed, when Lance discovered he could in fact twirl his daughter across the floor and in doing so created many awes and cheers. He repeated multiple times.

Jessi: The rest of the night’s a bit of a blur. We had a buffet and the food overall, was more than I’d expected. We barely ate half our meals because they were so large. (Also because the dress was so tight!) So there was more drinking, more eating, and more dancing, and by the end of the night, we’d had one heck of a good time.

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Do you have any advice for other brides & grooms?

Jessi: We did a lot of DIY things, but I’m not sure how much money we actually saved by doing this. Early on, James and I said what was most important to us, for James it was the food and drinks, and for me it was the atmosphere. We searched around and Core really embodied what was important for us both. The plus was that we could get married and have dinner at the same place. (I also fell in love with the orchards, and blossoms right when we wanted to get married. It just felt so right!)


Our three top suppliers were:

1) Core Cider House. The venue goes above and beyond for its brides and grooms. The staff were all so professional, yet laid-back. Quite often a staff member would either wait for me or assist me around in my dress as I tried to get from table to table before continuing on with their jobs. It’s the little details that take something from fantastic to amazing.

2) Neroli Burton, our celebrant. During our reception, so many people commented on how lovely and unique our ceremony was, and Neroli really made it so. She encouraged us to make everything our own. This meant having both James’ best female friend and my grandmother come up and do readings, with my grandmother staying up to help with our hand-binding ceremony, an extra tradition that Neroli had suggested to us. She was our calm in the middle of the storm throughout the entire wedding process.

And finally 3) The Verge Girls. We worked a lot with Megan and Kate coming up to the wedding and at all turns, the girls were there with a suggestion or answer and a smile. Both have such vibrant bubbly personalities, you can’t help but keep smiling through the day. Whether it was running around in heels to flick my veil to get the shot just right, or spending almost an extra hour making sure they had photos of all the tables, the Verge Girls were smiling and laughing through it all. (Also, thank you girls again! You guys truly went above and beyond all expectations we had for the day!!!!


The couple plans to honeymoon in USA for Christmas 2016.



Get Jessi & James’ Unique Wedding Style!

CeremonyNeroli Burton. “Just amazing, she encouraged us and made our ceremony so personal, with James’ best friend Gemma, and Jessi’s Grandother, Brenda, both doing readings and Brenda helping with the hand-binding ceremony.”

Reception: Core Cider House. “A place that James had found, and knew would suit both of our personalities. Karen was a god-send.”

Accommodation: Vines Resort

Photographer: Verge Studio Photography

Groom’s Suit: House of Tartan

Floral Designer: Jessi (DIY). “I decided early on that I wanted paper flower, and when I showed James, he agreed that were gorgeous.”

Cake Decorator: Pa’s Patisserie “Wasn’t ordered as a wedding cake, but it is actually the yummiest cake I have ever had!!”

Makeup Artist/ Hair Stylist: Taylor Seed. “Taylor went above and beyond for me. She kept me calm and kept me eating/drinking.”

Stationery: VistaPrint / DIY

Decorator: Jessi (DIY)

Bubbly Opening: Douglas (James’ Father), from Swan Magazine



**Blog & Images provided by the girls at Verge Studio Photography**