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The finest horse drawn carriages that Western Australia has to offer. To compliment any occasion, our prestigious carriages are not just a horse and cart. They are one of a kind transport that cannot be matched anywhere in the Perth area and surrounds. Our white fairytale Cinderella coach or ivory open Barouche carriage are sure to earn the awe of all your guests as you arrive at your wedding venue.


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At the Swan View Church today for a memorable funeral service for Christian Funerals.
The "A" Team at it again, Perth Horse and Carriage and Colonial Clydesdales preparing for a busy few days in different parts of the state. We are available to travel from Geraldton to Esperance and anywhere between, for any special occasion including weddings, proposals, anniversaries, agricultural/field days/shows, tours and funerals.
The Colonial Clydesdales  Heavies have landed at their stopover at the Perth Horse and Carriage retreat for a few days R&R, before taking off again for their next job at Manjimup.
A Ukrainian Orthodox Funeral with bells and incense as we walk toward our site at the tranquil Pinnaroo Memorial Valley Cemetery
Congratulations! You have made the first step on your wedding planning journey! Now comes the huge and unenviable task and here is our contribution to help make it easier on you.

Those with pets and horses will understand how important it can be to include their animals on their special day, but as is often said, "working with animals (and children)" can sometimes become a challenge if the right steps aren't taken.
We at Perth Horse and Carriage, would like to give a few tips on helping make certain that your wedding day lives up to all your pet expectations! 

~Make sure that your venue will actually allow pets/horses.
~Wrangle a trusted friend/s to "handle the animal" and be fair to the animal by having them taken home as soon as possible. Your "wrangler" will also need to take care of any "accidents" that inevitably get left behind and always have water at hand as our Aussie summers and the excitement can dehydrate your pet.
~Professional "Pet Attendant's" are a thing! They can be hired and are really great at being able to coordinate your pet/s, getting their attention for photos, responsibly cleaning up after your animal/s and taking them "home", leaving you and your guests to enjoy the rest of your day without having to worry.
~Be realistic, with horses in particular, they are big animals and will need to be able to handle the wedding atmosphere, the new and tight spaces, the inexperienced public/guests/children who scream and run and are left unattended, the applause, the cheering, the flashes from camera's etc. If your pet/horse is "lively" it is perhaps a better idea not to bring them along.


It has come to our attention that increasingly, there have been a number of wedding vendors (in general) that have disappointed brides by cancelling, not giving refunds when they were due, not delivering what they promised or generally given mediocre service. To help protect you from these types of operators, here are a few tips that relate to our service industry in particular.

When using a horse and carriage business (or pet attendant with some of the following points that are relevant to them), please make sure of the following:

~Has the company got a reasonable history/experience that matches the review./likes on the page. 
~Are the horses experienced with commercial work? (This is also not  the time to skimp and "get a friend with a horse and cart" to attempt the job.)
~Does their service appear consistent and regular.
~Ask the venues/photographer and other vendors featured in their promotion how they rate dealing with their service.
~Are they insured? To ask for a Certificate of Currency should be given freely, is a short process and not filled with excuses for delay. Read the fine print, make sure the details match the business name and the activity. Insurance for horse related businesses is quite specific and not all insurance companies will cover them. Make sure that insurance is also compliant with Australian Law. A good indication is that the policy is underwritten by Lloyds of London for e.g. Please note that some venues will ask for this policy before they'll allow the outfit onto their premises (as they should). 
~Ask to see the horses and the vehicles. There is a lot involved in being able to supply the entire entourage a for wedding. If you're happy with how the animals are kept and that the property is well maintained, not forgetting the vehicles too (both the carriages and the transportation) if all appears in good repair, neat and tidy, then you also have an idea of how they manage their work on the day.
~Insist on some sort of contract with terms and conditions, again read the fine print, this will help protect you as well as them.
~Be aware that some areas may not be suitable for horse drawn transport - hills, dead ends, deep going, roads over 80km/h, inner city multilane traffic and distance all need consideration and it is always a good idea to accompany your provider if they "need to assess" your prospective area to get some perspective from their point of view and end up on the same page for a successful day. 
~ Beware on pricing, Horse are expensive to keep and they don’t stop costing the moment they are “parked in the garage” there are also all the support vehicles and trailers to consider and large landholdings to maintain, so if the price you are quoted sounds "too good to be true” (when compared to others and their inclusions) then it very well could be the case. 
~If you’re not sure of something, just ask…. Communication is important.

After all that, all you need to do is get the ball rolling and on your wedding day, your fairy tale will come to life!!! 

Happy planning!
Perth Horse and Carriage (Est. 1998)

Photo: Kevin McGinn | Photographer
From Rustic to Royalty, Perth Horse and Carriage has the horse drawn vehicle to suit your occasion. Available to travel  from Geraldton to Esperance and anywhere in between, means that where ever YOUR fairytale is written, we can help  transform it to realty.
We're at the Lets Get Hitched Wedding Expo at Burswood on Swan until 8.30 pm. Don't miss out on finding the best vendors all  in one convenient place!