Verge Studio’s Top Ten List

“Making Planning Innovative & Stress-Free”

Over the years, through photographing literally hundreds of weddings, and also being brides ourselves, we’ve come to learn a lot about what engaged couples want to know, what you struggle with, and what information you find most helpful!

So we’ve put together this short-n-sweet list that might give you some inspiration when planning your Big Day!

We hope you find it helpful & would love to hear your feedback =)

Love, the Verge Studio Team xo

1: Discover Your Unique & All-Important Budget.

Once you’re engaged, and have set a date, where do you start to budget?

Well, we suggest listing your top 3 Must-Haves; What’s most important to you & how much are you looking to spend on those?

From there, you can decipher the approx budget of the day!

**Helpful hint, thanks to our friends at ‘Every Last Detail’. On average, this is the approx breakdown of a wedding budget

  • Reception (Venue & Food): 45%
  • Photography: 18%
  • Floral: 15%
  • Planner: 10%
  • Paper goods: 6%
  • Entertainment: 4%
  • Miscellaneous: 2%

So for a $25,000 wedding, for example, you’d budget around $11,250 for Reception & $4,500 for Photography! **

2: Plan in Advance

In our opinion, the Bridezilla Mentality is born from just not knowing what to expect, poor planning & not having a strong support network around you. Nip this in the bud by planning, planning, planning!

We always advise our couples to set 2-3 tasks per month at the beginning, and not overloading themselves with a to-do list. That way you’re not stressed, but you also know that everything will be organised in plenty of time.

So Month One could be 1) Setting a wedding date, 2) Visiting wedding venues & 3) Interviewing photographers.

Try to have ‘The Big Three’ ticked off the list as early as possible). Some venues book out 12- 18 months in advance, so save yourself some stress & do that early!

3: Make a List of Things to do

Speaking of planning, get yourself a To-Do-List. These are invaluable, so that you don’t lose track of what’s left to organise. We also suggest you keep a file for all your contracts, invoices & receipts, so you have a record of what you have left to pay.

**Helpful Hint!

The Verge Team has put together a Wedding Planner Checklist, with a suggested timeline for you. We’re happy to send this out to you, just send us an email! **

4: Cater for Extra Food & Drinks

Whether you’re self-catering, or arranging with the venue, guests will always eat their fill!

If the food runs out with a few hours left to party, there’s always someone who will be annoyed (and if you haven’t had time to eat yet, it might be YOU!). So plan on having extra food and drinks for your guests, so nobody goes home hungry.

5: Deal or Delegate

If a situation pops up on the Big Day, don’t stress! If it’s something simple, then deal with it yourself quickly & move on, or ask for some help from your bridal party (AKA: Support Crew; they’re here to help, support and ease the stress for you!)

6: Make it Social

Encourage social activities with your guests. Most of them will be eager to interact with your other friends & family. Have music playing; create conversation areas with lounges, or cocktail tables; introduce giant lawn games like Chess; Be quirky & hire a magician to perform… The options are endless. Make it a fun & memorable night for you & your loved ones!

7: Movies Under the Stars

Everybody loves a good Love Story! Before the day, why not create a slideshow with your partner of your favourite photos together? Have it playing during your reception, so your guests can ooh & aah at your romantic journey!

8: Create a Signature Cocktail

What a great talking point at the wedding! Particularly if you’re having a themed celebration, you can incorporate that into a signature cocktail.

This could be a flavour (Peach flavour for a peach-coloured style), a colour (it could match the bridemaids’ dresses!), or something that embodies you as a couple (if you both love Western Films, bring this into the cocktail…perhaps a lasso embellishment?)

9: Gift Bags & Bonbonniere.

Instead of traditional gifts you could create a Gift Bag for each person! You could include little lollies, something fun & a hand-written note thanking them for coming.

10: Make it Visually Memorable

Create a welcoming & celebratory environment. We love Pinterest as a great visual starting point, but consider using nature (flourishes of flowers, wooden Tiffany Chairs, water features etc), luxurious elements (chandeliers, mirrors, metallic touches), and colours (think outside the box with your chair covers, table decor & even the cake!)

The all-female team at Verge Studio would truly love to capture your wedding & we’d love to have a friendly chat about how we can customise a wedding photography package to suit you & your Big Day!

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